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This is a quick post, and sorry about the quality! When I saw the vid I knew I wanted to do something very fast :D There you go kids, enjoy!!!!

Jensen & Jared on the 11th Annual Critics Choice Award!

[01 - 06] Animated icon
[07 - 09] Icons
[10] Big Animation
[x] Download

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09 July 2009 @ 06:05 pm
Where did I put my head again! Signed up likethegun_lims AGAIN! I might have to fall out because I won't have time to deal with it every week, but to be honest last time I came second and I had SO MUCH FUN! Also 4th round and the application list already looks AMAZING!

Just a couple of names to highlight who make really amazing icons:
obaona, rubber_dick, ohfreckle, wickedgrdn, nodazzle, ongiara (without any order and just listing the ones I know ;))

SO in one word...

likethegun_lims likethegun_lims likethegun_lims

Round 4 Signup is open HERE or click on the banner :D

Next projects in line here on bite_my_muse, if you are still interested ;)
- 2nd Bigbang post on the 12th of August
- 2 Sweet Charity engagement
- Some members only goodies (NC-17)
- I plan to draw something so we will see how that goes, lol *groans*
02 July 2009 @ 11:45 am
Alright folks, time to post my first bigbang of 2009!
Unfortunately I didn't have the time to do all the things I wanted so this year is not as satisfying for me as last year was. But I tried my best. Also my muse bit me in the ass, lol.

Here it comes!

Title: A Place in This World
Author: elless18
Artist: nyaubaby
Rating: R
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Summary: Popular sci-fi author J Ross, a.k.a. Jensen Ackles, escapes from the noise and pressures of NYC to the suburbs of Northeast Ohio after the passing of his grandmother. When he meets his neighbour, speech therapist Jared Padalecki, and Jared’s little girl Kara, Jensen’s carefully controlled and ordered world gets turned upside down.

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07 June 2009 @ 07:34 pm
Most/some of you has already seen these pictures, but I'm reposting the masterpost here as well.

My Asylum Photos! I took nearly 1300 and reposting only 300. Enjoy them, but please use them according to my rules. I don't want to regret sharing them. thank you!


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Also if you take all my zips, is enough to comment on one post. But please let me know if you are taking it.

Thanks Everyone! Hope you has fun checking out the photos!

p.s. I'm working on my bigbang art right now and then I have 2 Sweet Charity obligations. Until then I'm not sure I can do random arts... TIME!!! lol
11 April 2009 @ 11:51 pm
Hi Members/Watchers!

I mentioned before that I plan to post things that are NC-17 rated, which means I will lock them. I'm not confident to post something like that unlocked and in public, so I was thinking to put up a poll.
I actually started to do some icons, and I plan to post them. But I wanted to ask how open you guys are for those kind of things?

I'm not planning to post manips, because I do not agree with NC-17 manips. I sometimes feel rather violated than turned on by them. So the icons I plan to post from photoshoots or caps from "featured films" ;)

So hit me, let me know what you think.

Poll #1381905 Nc-17 or rather be safe?

Are you fine with some adult icons?

Yeah, dude, I'm here for the porn!
I'm fine with it.
You can post, but I rather choose not to click.
You are sick! Go get a life!
I don't care.
I have other, detailed opinion I will share in the comments.

Jees, poll about porn icons... I never thought I would live this day, LMFAO!

P.s. Keep in mind, those icons will be locked if the poll favors towards yes. If no, probably I will still post them, just locked in my personal journal.
*lays back and waits for the result*

Thank you all your votes, the first batch been posted ;). Members only!
06 April 2009 @ 08:50 pm
I haven't posted any texture sets for a long time, so it's time to share 2 sets I recently did.
Before I left my previous job I sat down and scanned a couple of books and brochures. These textures are from there, edited a little of course.

2 texture sets:
- 16 100x100 px icon textures
- 6 various large architectural textures

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31 March 2009 @ 07:14 pm
I had the amazing opportunity to take part in the likethegun_lims Round 3 Challenges and I had so much fun making these icons! Sometimes you have to push your limits and see what you are capable of. It doesn't matter if you do it with icons or on some real life field, you still have the feeling that you have accomplished something.

The results are up here! Thank you everyone who voted! I came second in the end :D

[01 - 70] - Supernatural icons

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28 March 2009 @ 07:41 pm
Hai Dear Graphics Loving People,

I'm offering my services again/for the last time for charity!
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24 March 2009 @ 12:06 am
I have been a busy bee lately :) I was working on the requests, because I didn't want to end up like last time. SO you guys, I am FINISHED!!! And I can tell most of you got more than 1 icons. I tried to do at least 2, if I was inspired 3 or more.

All the icons are sharable, so enjoy them :) - It's pretty image heavy, BE WARNED!
Also some icons may contain nudity, please use them @ your own risk! :D

[01 - 55] Request icons
[56 - 57] Big animations
[58 - 65] Jared icons and animations

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07 March 2009 @ 12:00 pm
Distraction is me NEW name! I was so soaked up in my RL I didn't manage to finish this in time but now, LOOK! bite_my_muse got a new layout (best viewed in firefox), and a new profile page. Yesterday was my comm's 6 months anniversary! And I have 365 watchers! This is incredible and I NEVER would have expected such an amazing response when I opened it in August.

bite_my_muse bite_my_muse bite_my_muse

I have been a bit MIA but what's better remedy for everything in my life than a little art making? HERE, NOW! Request!!!

The rules has changed a bit. I won't make headers and wallpapers, as last time I had to give up because it was too much.

So now, link me 4 High Quality images, and I will make icons of it. Also if you keen on an animated icon then you have to give me the exact scene.
Animations only from Supernatural, but for the still icons I would go with anything. I have to change eventually anyway.

Basically I will go with one icon per person, but if you give good images, I might end up making even more :)

Let's go with

All the spots are taken :)

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.saving spot is fine until you get back with images

(In other news, I'm still in likethegun_lims which is a bit of a shock to me. Anyhow Round 12, GO and VOTE)