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17 January 2010 @ 01:47 am
Help Haiti!  
/Reposting from my personal journal!

hey guys!

I jumped to the bandwagon! I offered a couple of things to help Haiti! Thanks to heidi8 who created help_haiti!!

As these says I'm lack of time I was thinking to offer something different... my photos.

1.) Offering Original Photograph by me, as you can see it on my photoblog.
- Basically you can bid on me and you can choose any photo that I posted on my photoblog, and I will mail anywhere in the world.
- current bid is on $40.

2.) Offering Photos from Asylum 2009
- you can have 3 photos of your choice from the photos I posted from Asylum 2009. you can find the Masterpost HERE. (of course without the watermark :)
- current bid is on $30

The bidding ends on the 20th of January.

So get your purses out and start bidding!!!!
If you interested of course... ;)

/ repost
Thank you whoever considering buying the prints. I am overwhelmed to offer whatever I can to help people in need.